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Keeping Student Athletes Healthy

High school football practices have started and trainers at Saint-X and other schools have been asked how student athletes can reduce the risk for injury and dehydration?

They haven't even started the day's practice and already Ken Rushford, an athletic trainer, needed a lot of ice.

Rushford, Asst. Certified Athletic Trainer at St. X, said, "Usually when they are out here you see a lot of overuse type things."

He started his players in this athletic training room before high school football practice to try and reduce overuse injuries.

Jonathan Bockhorst, a center, said, "I am just getting a little stretch from Ken over here. After the first practice in two days, I am getting a little tight from the first one."

Wrist and ankle injuries top the list. Not that these players let that stop them from getting back in the game.

Carson Bray, defensive end, said, "Just get it taped up.. get some support to play on it."

Rushford also wanted his players warmed up so when they head out to the field they lower the odds of heat related problems as well. Muscle cramping, dizziness, headaches, confusion, or even heat exhaustion are all risks as temperatures rise.

Another important factor to think about would be the humidity. The higher the humidity, the less they are able to evaporate and cool themselves down.

Hydration is critical on the field and off the field.

Rushford said it was important to remember what you drink during practice matters. It's also what you drink the rest of the time when a person isn't at practice that will rebuild what is needed for the next day or days to come.

"The rule of thumb is that you need 8 glasses a day. But athletes need a lot more than that so it's more like ten to 12," said Rushford.

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