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Kids in Hot Cars, a Deadly Combo

On average, 38 children die in hot cars every year -either because someone left them there or they somehow became trapped in one..

It's something Springfield police are already dealing with this year.

Springfield reached the 90's Wednesday with a heat-index over a hundred. Experts say in just ten minutes a car can heat to an additional 20 degrees.

Put a child in a closed car, and it can have deadly ramifications.

Springfield police have already responded to two different calls for children left in cars since May. During the entire summer last year, there were zero.

When responding to calls about kids or pets left in cars, police say they hear a lot of the same things.

"It's um, 'I just ran in for a minute,' or 'I didn't think I was going to be that long,' or 'I left the windows down a little bit.'" said Springfield Police Sgt. Charles Kean. "It doesn't take a long time to build up that heat in that vehicle."

Springfield police say they've also responded to 10 calls for dogs left in cars, too, this year. Two of those calls required animal control being called out.

Leaving either children or your pets in a hot car are jailable offenses.

When your body temperature reaches 104 degrees, your internal organs start to shut down. If that temperature climbs to 107- you'll die.

Police say they take this very seriously. Already this summer authorities in Central Illinois have issued citations and hauled parents off to jail for this crime.

Springfield police say they get these calls most often from shopping centers. If you see a child, or pet in the car, police say do not hesitate to call them.Kids in Hot Cars, a Deadly Combo

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