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"Killer Caffeine"

one of the most widely accepted drugs on the market and there's a good
chance it’s in your house. The FDA is now warning about killer caffeine.

We are talking about pure powdered caffeine. You can easily buy it online for about the same price as your morning breakfast.

northern Ohio high school athlete died earlier this year after it's
believed he over-mixed the drug in an energy drink. One teaspoon of pure
caffeine is equal to drinking 30-cups of coffee.

“The reality is
it’s probably deadlier than some of the other drugs like heroin and
cocaine because your thought process of caffeine is it’s safe, I can
take plenty of it,” said Mike Gimbel, drug expert. 

The FDA says it has now launched an investigation of pure caffeine and will consider regulating it if needed.

"Killer Caffeine"

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