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Local Doctors React To Diabetes Report


The CDC released startling new numbers this week saying 1 in 4 Americans are living with  diabetes and don't even know it. Living with  diabetes and not receiving treatment can be deadly.

29 million Americans live with diabetes. A disease that if not treated properly and taken seriously can kill. Of the two types of diabetes, Type I and Type II, reports show that in 2012 Type I diabetes accounted for just 5% of diabetes in the adult population, which underscores the rise of Type II diabetes.

Doctors say to help reverse the trend the first step in preventing a life threatening situation is diagnosis.

George Marcy was diagnosed in 1984.

"You kinda get depressed a little bit and you work through it then you kinda don't feel any symptoms. I don't feel any different. Then you ignore it," said Marcy.

But that's what nearly cost Marcy his life in 1994.

"I had a triple bypass and they caught it before I had a heart attack," said Marcy.

Unfortunately, heart attacks in type II diabetics are common if they don't follow doctors orders. Marcy considers himself one of the lucky ones.

"My father had diabetes. He lost a toe, he lost his foot, he lost his leg, then we lost his life," said Chef Curtis Aikens.

Celebrity Chef Curtis Aikens is known for his healthy eating shows on the Food Network, but he also has type II diabetes.

He was diagnosed 25 years ago and quickly made a lifestyle change.

"If I eat too much sugar, if I don't exercise. That is when my diabetes gets out of control," said Aikens.

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause blindness, kidney failure and even stroke.

Anne Daly from the Springfield Diabetes and Endocrine Center says  anyone with a family history of the disease should be tested often.

"Whether you know you have it, or you don't know you have it, it its poorly controlled it's doing damage," said Daly.

Doctors recommend anyone over the age of 45, or who had a family history of diabetes, should get tested every 3 years.

Local Doctors React To Diabetes Report

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