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Obesity Linked To Cancer

Experts say by 2030 the United States could see an additional 400,000 cases of cancer because of obesity trends.

And as it stands right now one-third of cancer deaths are linked to obesity.

The American Cancer Society just completed their second cancer prevention study that included 1.2 million people.

They found people who are overweight are more likely to develop certain cancers like post menopausal breast cancer and cool-rectal cancer.

And once they're diagnosed they have less of a chance at survival.

"The study also showed that obesity is associated with an increased death rate in at least 10 cancer sites, including post menopausal breast cancer and cool-rectal cancer," said Linda Schulz, Account Representative, American Cancer Society.

Being overweight changes the internal chemistry of your body giving doctors factors to study.

"Some of the links between cancer and obesity are immune system function and inflammation, levels of certain hormones, and factors that regulate cell division," said Schulz.

Getting in shape will decrease your chance of getting cancer. And eating healthy is the most important part of that equation.
Dieticians suggest eating a lot of produce with dark colors because contain anti-oxidants help fight cancer.

"Any of those vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and brussel sprouts and all that family, that's also going to help fight against cancer," said Charlyn Fargo Ware, Registered Dietician, Hyvee.

And living in Illinois allows us to get healthy foods that are grown locally.

"With the growth of farmers markets and community gardens in the state consumers just have more and more access to these local foods," said Kenda Schilling, Local Foods Liason, Illinois Department of Agriculture.

The American Cancer Society's study also found those who survive cancer and are over weight don't survive as long as those who maintain a healthy weight.

It's recommended that adults get 150 minutes a week.. of moderate physical activity.

Children should be getting about an hour of physical activity a day. Obesity Linked To Cancer

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