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State Spends One Million On Condoms


A lot of people were shocked when they heard about how much the state was spending on condoms.

But what's even more shocking is that Illinois ranks number five in most cases of HIV, over 40,000 people living here have the virus.

That's why the Illinois Department of Health included condoms in their comprehensive HIV STD prevention program.

One million dollars for condoms sounds like a lot of money to tax payers who are constantly told the state of illinois is broke...

"The state spends a lot of money on stupid things and that's just one of them," said Gene Sharp, Illinois resident.

But the cost of treating HIV and STDs is much more of a burden on taxpayers.

"The cost to treat someone let's just say with HIV, is around $400,000. So that's like two or three people for the cost of what we're spending on condoms," said Dr, LaMar Hasbrouck, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The state is also buying the condoms at a bulk rate for about ten cents a piece, which is a cost that some taxpayers are willing to pay....

"I suppose if it helps unwanted pregnancies and help lower the rate of STD's then it would have an impact on everyone's overall insurance costs and healthcare in general," said Anna Wolk, Illinois resident.

"The state funding that, I think that's a very proactive move," said Brittany Jordan.

For some support for the idea hinged on who was getting the help.

"Depends on the purpose behind it, For younger kids and sexual education purposes I think it's a great idea. If it's just for the general public for anybody to use, at a certain point you have to provide your own money for your own things," said Justin Tobias, Illinois resident.

 But, for the health department the more people they can help the better.

"I think when it comes to access to prevention the more you can make things user friendly, the more you can make things accessible and bring the condoms and prevention strategies to where the people are the more likely you're going to be to get them to use it," said Dr. Lamar.

The Illinois Health Department acts as a distributor, giving the condoms to local health departments and community groups,who then pass them on.

All in the hopes of preventing illness that will end up costing tax payers a lot more money.

State Spends One Million On Condoms

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