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The Diet for Your Mind


Alzheimer's is an epidemic affecting millions. Until there's a cure, a new report says prevention is our best defense.

Liz Bonis has what's suggested on the memory diet.

Steve Olding lost both his grandmothers to this disease, he now works for the Alzheimers Association. The numbers he says are already at epidemic proportions.

Right now, there's no cure, only medications to slow down Alzheimers progression, which is why a new report says we all should try and reduce our own risk

A report was put together by several international researchers who say that Alzheimer's is not just a natural par to growing older. They encourage all of us to take seven steps to prevent this disease, and they remind all of us, that what is good for the heart, is good for the head.

Which means, you might want to remember this list, as part of a really good diet for your memory.

First up, reduce fried foods

Second, as dietitians have long recommended, eat a wide variety of plant foods, especially those with the colors of the rainbow.

Third, eat foods such as nuts which are loaded with vitamin E.

Fourth, ask your doctor if you should take vitamin B-12.

Fifth, watch your weight, especially around the waist.

Sixth, exercise your brain -- with word games and social interaction with others.

And finally, exercise your body. 40 minutes of uninterrupted activity three days a week appears to be enough to bump up brain power.

The other thing on the list for a good memory, is a good night's sleep. Experts recommend at least seven hours a night.
Memory diet helps prevent Alzheimer'sThe Diet for Your Mind

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