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Weekend Festivals Optimistic Despite Predicted Heat


We've got a couple of festivals this weekend you might be interested in as we begin to say goodbye to another summer season.

But, it feels like summer has just arrived with these higher temperatures we've been dealing with this week.

The Blues and BBQ festival just opened and people here are braving the heat to get some barbecue and listen to some good music.

And it's hot out here and definitely a little sticky.

There's also another event taking place in Lincoln this weekend that will have to deal with the heat as well.

Blues, barbecue and balloons...organizers are hopeful the heat won't bother the crowds at the festivals in the area this weekend.

"I'd rather have the hot weather than this rain right now. So we're looking forward to that hot weather actually. We haven't really had a hot summer and I don't think it's going to impact our summer at all," said Andi Hake, Executive Director, Lincoln-Logan County Chamber of Commerce.

"We always have plenty of water for folks we have misters that are out there in the children's and the regular area and so it turns out pretty well for us," said Victoria Ringer, Executive Director, Downtown Springfield Inc.

Staying hydrated will be easy at both festivals.

Organizers have brought in extra water for both patrons and volunteers.

And the heat shouldn't impact the balloon rides because the time they take off is typically a little cooler.

"They don't fly until the early evenings and the early mornings because of that so I think if the wind is calm they're going to go up," said Hake.

And those in front of grills have come prepared so the heat won't slow them down.

"We've got coolers of water and they are ready to go. they're used to it and actually we haven't really had much of a summer this is the first really hot weekend and also we're the last festival, so it's a summer send off, now that the ethnic festival has been cancelled so we're ready to go out in style with a great warm event," said Ringer.

So organizers are staying positive.

If you're heading out this weekend make sure to stay hydrated, bring your sunglasses and sunscreen and enjoy the end of summer.

Weekend Festivals Optimistic Despite Predicted Heat

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