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  • Woman's body stolen from San Antonio funeral home

    SAN ANTONIO (KABB) -- You can tell by the slideshow played in the chapel at Mission Park Funeral home ...

  • Bellefontaine Mom Charged with Murder of 3 Sons

    BELLEFONTAINE (WSYX) -- A Bellefontaine mom is due in court Wednesday morning after police say she confessed ...

  • Man trying to stop a suicide falls to his death from dorm

    HONOLULU (AP) â€" Two men fell from the 14th floor of a University of Hawaii dormitory â€" one of them ...

  • Maryland Woman Receives A Nearly $8k Water Bill

    (WJLA / WBFF) - A woman in Maryland was shocked when she opened her latest water bill. It said she had ...

  • Oklahoma School District Changes to 4-Day school Week

    (Source: KOKH Oklahoma City) --  A school district southwest of the metro is making a big change ...

  • White House Staffer Fires Glock Handgun at Her Boyfriend, a Capitol Police Officer

    A year ago, the South Carolina ...

  • CAUGHT ON CAM: Cop Confronts Disabled Veteran For Not Looking 'Handicap'

    [WARNING: The video below contains profanity. Viewer discretion advised.]

    (WPEC) - A Riviera ...

  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Relaunched!

    The ALS Association is hoping ...

  • LIVE STREAM: Verdict Announcement in James Holmes Trial

    Colorado Theater Shooting Verdict

  • Canadian Campaign Mimics the Style of Kimmel's 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets'

    The caption of this video found on YouTube reads: "When celebrities read mean tweets it's hilarious. ...

  • Sesame Street Parodies 'House of Cards' with 'House of Bricks'

    "House of Cards" is getting the Sesame Street treatment!

    "Some people say there's too much pork ...

  • Sassy Cop 'Shakes It Off'

    By: Associated Press

    DOVER, Del. - A video of a bald and burly Delaware police officer enthusiastically ...

  • Seattle Dog Rides Bus Alone Weekly

    SEATTLE -- Public transit in Seattle has gone to the dogs.

    Commuters in Belltown report seeing ...

  • Mother Loses 5yo Daughter to H3N2 Influenza

    TACOMA, Wash. - When Rebecca Taylor of Tacoma picked up her 5-year-old daughter from Fawcett Elementary ...

  • Waking up our puppy to his favorite song "let it go"

    What do you think? Does this puppy love it or hate it?

  • This Official Move Trailer for Star Wars VII Will Give You Chills

    We've been waiting for a look at J.J. Abrams' take on the dark side. We want to believe that it will ...

  • Ocean Park Hospital Has The Love Bug | RED BAND SOCIETY | FOX

    Check out this sneak peek of an all-new 'Red Band Society'!

    Watch it tonight at 8:00pm on FOX ...

  • OFFICIAL TRAILER: Jurassic World

    Universal Pictures officially released the movie trailer for the upcoming installment of the Jurassic ...

  • Two and a Half Men: Season 10 Bloopers

    Just some mid-week fun.

    Watch Two and a Half Men weekdays, back-to-back, at 5:00pm and 5:30pm ...

  • Volkswagen e-mobility - Zukunft für alle - TV Spot

    Volkswagen posted this TV ad on their YouTube page.

    It's in German.

    But we can't decide ...

  • Bird Sounds Just Like Iconic Character from Star Wars

    YouTube user Carli Jeffrey posted a video of her family's pet making non-stop space robot sounds.

    Published ...

  • Bach’s Beer Bottles: The Art of Fugue, Contrapunctus 1

    [SOURCE: YouTube user BeanzoTheElf]

  • OK Go's new music video for 'I Won't Let You Down'

    Check out this sneak peak from tonight's all-new episode!

    Watch 'Red Band Society' Wednesdays ...

  • Where's The Fire In Your Belly? | "12 Chefs Compete" | HELL'S KITCHEN

    Watch 'Hell's Kitchen' Wednesdays at 7:00pm on FOX 55/27 Illinois!

  • One Big Dysfunctional Family | THE MINDY PROJECT

    Watch 'The Mindy Project' Tuesdays at 8:30pm. Only on FOX!

  • Infant Survives After 3 Days Trapped Under Father's Dead Body

    A 10-month-old girl was recovering Monday at a Louisiana hospital after she spent up to three days trapped ...

  • AMBER Alert from "Go Where I Sent Thee" | SLEEPY HOLLOW | FOX BROADCASTING

    Watch 'Red Band Society' Wednesday nights at 8:00pm on FOX 55/27 Illinois!

  • Simon Refuses To Dog

    Who thought a cat on a leash would pan out?

  • Big Dog and tiny kitten meet

    Too presh.

  • Yeah, Baby, Yeah from "Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-Boyfriends" | THE MINDY PROJECT | FOX BROADCASTING

    Don't miss 'The Mindy Project' Tuesdays at 8:30pm on FOX 55/27 Illinois!

  • Profiles: Ellie Miller | GRACEPOINT | FOX BROADCASTING



  • Profile: Susan Wright | GRACEPOINT | FOX BROADCASTING

    Get to know Jacki Weaver as she discusses her role - the mysterious, sinister stranger who's new to Gracepoint.

    Don't ...

  • Profile: Vince Novik | GRACEPOINT | FOX BROADCASTING

    Stephen Louis Grush discusses his role as Mark's apprentice and, at times, a surrogate member of the ...

  • Sarah Silverman Roasts Krusty The Clown

    Watch 'The Simpsons' season premiere Sunday at 7:00pm on FOX 55/27 Illinois!

  • Jeff Ross Roasts Krusty The Clown

    Watch 'The Simpsons' Sunday night at 7:00pm on FOX 55/27 Illinois!

  • BEHIND-THE-SCENES | Red Band Society "Sole Searching"

  • See Why Critics Are Falling In Love | RED BAND SOCIETY | FOX BROADCASTING

    At least it'd be a soft landing.

    *POPS balloon*

  • Golf ball roller coaster

    As seen in "Trending Now" on Good Day Illinois, this Oregon City, OR neighbor built the best toy for ...

  • SURGE is back!

    Here's a throwback to the nineties.

    After 12 years, you can once-again purchase the citrus soda ...

  • Peekaboo surprise!

    A father played a silly prank on his young daughter, all in good fun.

    The video has received a ...

  • President Obama Addresses the Nation 9/10/14

    Obama's speech regarding America's planned actions towards ISIS/ISIL aired Wednesday, September 10, 2014 ...

  • iPhone ATM PIN code hack- HOW TO PREVENT

    Mark Rober demonstrates a way that someone can steal your pin code using an iPhone. 

    Keep ...

  • Guy Gets Smothered by Bunnies on Japan's Rabbit Island!

    Wait. "Rabbit Island" is a real place!?

  • Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea


  • Freak Basketball Shot Saves Aussie Dad Millions Of Dollars

    Luck or skill?

  • Ohio Amish Barn Raising

    Doing. It. Right.

  • Owner Leaves Dog in Car, Takes Too Long

    Impatient boxer is impatient.

  • IKEA's Bookbook

    We love when companies poke fun at other companies.

  • CVS Stops Selling Tobacco

    In February, CVS ...

  • Another Journalist Beheaded by ISIS

    Updated 1:18pm

    Associated Press
    BEIRUT (AP) -- An Internet ...

  • IMPORTANT -- Homer Simpson Took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


    Have you taken the challenge?

    Were ...

  • Shouldn't Be Alive: Chinese Boy Survives Car Driving Over Him


  • Official Prancercise® Fitness with Passion


  • The Driving Dead - "The Complex"

    IDOT has teamed up with "The Driving Dead" in effort to curb drunk driving.

    Read ...

  • Dancing Grannies

    Some people grow old but that doesn't mean they grow up.

    These grandmas are living proof of that ...

  • Giant Dog

    Tibetan Mastiffs are known for their rather large size, but this one is simple huge!

    Don't let ...

  • Cat-Themed Wedding, Insane or Adorable?

    You're probably thinking..."LOL. Wut?"

    So are we.

    But that didn't stop us from watching, ...

  • Suggestion Box: Black Simon and Garfunkel Sing "All About That Bass"

    Another Jimmy Fallon gem.

  • Verne Troyer ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    "California's in a drought, so. I improvised." - Verne Troyer

  • Orlando Jones - Bucket Challenge

    Check out Orlando Jones' take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

    What do you think?

  • Benedict Cumberbatch Takes the ALS Challenge

    Again and again and again...

  • My Shed Guardian

    Video description is "Large funnel web spider in Jersey, CI"

    Dropping any ounce of professionalism ...

  • Foo Fighters Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge AND the Cake

    This video depicting the Foo Fighters rendition of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge beats out everyone, so ...

  • Takei Takes the ALS Challenge

    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been making the rounds lately. Internet icons among other well-known ...

  • Robin Williams Tribute

    Watch this touching montage of Robin Williams' roles.

  • Reporters Tweet-for-help After Arrest Wednesday Night in Ferguson

    We're interviewing some St. Louis residents, including those that "rescued" ...

  • Reporters Arrested in Ferguson, MO

    This video was shot after two reporters, who were arrested ...

  • Pipe Guy - House/Trance/Techno Live

  • Genius Cat

  • Mork & Mindy - Report to Orson - Losing a Friend

    The world mourns the loss of Robin Williams.

    Especially Mork.

  • Zelda Williams' Touching Tweet Tribute

    We've all lost a great friend as the public mourns the loss of Robin Williams who died Monday at the ...

  • Interrupting Lion - #SaveLions

    "Knock, knock."


  • THE LION KING Broadway Cast Takes Over NYC Subway and Sings 'Circle Of Life'

    You know when someone lifts their pet in the same way as if to suggest "SIMBA" and suddenly people break ...

  • National Stop on Red Week 2014

    American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has released video footage of collisions and near-collisions as a reminder ...

  • #ShareaCoke with the McGillicuddys

    This couple took Coca Cola's #ShareaCoke campaign to a whole new level.

    We bet you never expected ...

  • Inglorious Fruits&Vegetables

    The French supermarket chain Intermarche launched a campaign to support 2014 as the european year against ...

  • Surfing’s Got This Little Guy’s Seal of Approval


  • Spoiled Deer

    While working to clear trees encroaching on electricity lines, two men stumbled upon a fawn trapped in ...

  • Weird Al Yankovic Hates 'Word Crimes' Almost as Much as You Hate 'Blurred Lines'

    He's really making a great comeback.

    Tacky, ...

  • 2014 National Dance Day Advanced Routine

    This year, National Dance Day is on Saturday, July 26th. To help celebrate NDDs message of dance and ...

  • 2014 National Dance Day Beginner Routine (SEATED)

    This year, National Dance Day is on Saturday, July 26th. To help celebrate NDDs message of dance and ...

  • 2014 National Dance Day Beginner Routine

    This year, National Dance Day is on Saturday, July 26th. To help celebrate NDDs message of dance and ...

  • Puppy Golden Retriever Comforts Older Dog During Nightmare

    All the cute.

  • Weird Al Yankovic is 'Tacky' to the tune of Pharrell's 'Happy'

    All the celebrity cameos. You'll wonder why you haven't listened to more Weird Al all your life.

  • Colbie Caillat's "Try"

    This music video is a stunner!

  • "Bath time with Bix"

    Dogs and kids do the darndest things.

    Watch how this toddler reacts to a lick bath from her dog.

  • "Don't leave ur kids in car"

    SHARE THIS MESSAGE: A North Carolina man makes a plea for parents to NEVER leave their kids in the car ...

  • Like a girl

    This ad really takes it to the next level.

  • In my chair -- a makeup artists perspective on beauty

    The TED talk, published back in January describes itself: "Eva is a veteran actress from New York who ...

  • 50 People, 1 Question

    Souleyman Messalti put 50 Londoners on the spot with this question: "What is love?"

  • All About That Bass

    This music video of Meghan Trainor's song "All About That Bass" is making a positive impact for body ...

  • Happiest Dog in the World

    The best birthday surprise for your dog. 

  • The New Cat Video

    This rare breed is spotted outside it's normal territory. So they set up secret cameras.

    Apparently ...

  • Potato Salad Kickstarter

    This guy created a Kickstarter ...

  • GoPro: Fireworks From A Drone

    Using a GoPro camera, Jos ...

  • Fireworks filmed with a drone

    Jos Stiglingh strapped a camera to a drone and flew it through a fireworks show.

  • Justin and Patrick's Journey of Friendship - El Camino de Santiago

    How far would you go for your BFF?

  • Lizzie Velasquez

    This 25yo woman fought back with a smile on her face.

  • Nanny Nightmare

    Upland couple Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte were caught in what they described Thursday as a nanny nightmare. ...

  • #USAvGER #LetsDoThis #OneNationOneTeam

    .@USSoccer tweeted a "Coach's Note" to excuse you from work ...

  • BTS Cliff Slip n Slide

    Would you slip n slide off a cliff?

  • Cliff Slip and Slide! 50 Feet! In 4K!

    Slip n a cliff!

    These lemmings drenched in "environmentally responsible dish soap" ...

  • CONTAINS SPOILERS! The Hunger Games : Mockingjay

    The first teaser for the third film was released today.

    WARNING: This teaser contains spoilers, ...

  • Parov Stelar - All Night (JSM)

    In the spirit of Wednesday, we're dancin'.

    What do you think? Would this guy go along to choreography ...

  • Frozen is Sooo 2013

    "I know that I will never get these songs out of my head."

    Two dads made a brilliant parody to ...

  • "Love, America" Directed by Naya Rivera

    Glee's Naya Rivera makes her directoral debut by taking on the tpic of immigration in the United States.

    This ...

  • Naked Home Intruder in Idaho

    A family in Idaho, startled awake by a naked intruder, couldn't compel the man to leave, even after bringing ...

  • Owl In My House

    "I don't see doot, doot, doot. I see za, za, zA ZA!"

    This audition stays with us.

    Watch ...

  • Kmart: Ship My Pants

    This ad was actually televised. But does it rival this mustard ...

  • Banned Ad by Grey Poupon


    Does this rival last year's K-mart ...

  • Mentos Suit Man vs. Coke Dunk Tank



    "Diet Coke dunk tank."

    Just ...

  • Clever Ad Campaign 2013

    What's a "Red Badge of Courage"?

    Recently topping "Camp Gyno" is Hello ...

  • First Moon Party

    What's a moon party? Fake your TOTM and maybe you'll find out.

    Or watch this clever ad. The cleverest ...

  • SYTYCD Preview: Ricky Abeda Auditions from Atlanta

    What is a dabble, anyway?

    Watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight at 7:00pm on FOX 55/27 ...

  • Brian Williams is Back. Baby Got Back.

    Jimmy Fallon's crew does it again with a great compilation of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams' ...

  • Incredible Up-Close Encounter With Alaskan Brown Bear

    "Lions? Tigers? BEARS! Oh my!"

    Because Alaska.

  • 1000 people eat 1000 Ghost chilies

    This happened June 5, 2014 in Copenhagen as a promotional event for Chili ...

  • GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour

    No. No no no. No no no no nonononono.



    An Australian man with a GoPro ...

  • Our 90s Dreams Come True! Netflix to Reboot The Magic School Bus

    You guys! The Magic School Bus WILL FLY AGAIN!

    According to Scholastic ...

  • Proud To Be

    National Congress of American Indians released this commercial and recently aired a shorter version 7 ...

  • All By Myself

    Locked in an airport ALONE overnight; what else would you do besides create a music video to Celine Dion's ...

  • Dumb and Dumber To

    The trailer for Dumb and Dumber sequel has finally been released.

    What do you think? Ticket or ...

  • Bane Cat 2

    The long awaited sequel to Bane ...

  • The Best IGGY Parody Out There

    "Plea don't feel it."

    The video caption cutely reads: "You can't do much the 9th month of pregnancy...but ...

  • Human Cat Perch

    Her friends wouldn't believe her, so she had to video tape this.

  • Epic Oregon Wedding Photo Spreads Like Wildfire

    Over the weekend, a couple was forced to rush through their outdoor wedding ceremony due to Two Bulls ...

  • 'Pig' the Dog

    Despite drastic birth defects, this dog named 'Pig' is staying alive.

    An Alabama couple found ...

  • Volkswagen's Texting While Driving PSA

    HONG KONG -- This interactive PSA tricked audience members into virtually experiencing the detriment ...

  • Best. #FirstTweet. Ever.

    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has announced ...

  • D-Day Reports: Benedict Cumberbatch reads D-Day warning of aerial attack

    Benedict Cumberbatch reads part of the original BBC ...

  • The Valley of Dolls

    This is real. This is REALLY ...

  • Game of Thrones 'The Mountain' Deadlifts 994 lbs

    The Mountain is a mountain.

    If you've seen the HBO series 'Game of Thrones', then you know who ...

  • MTB Gunpoint Robbery in Somerset West

    GoPro for the win.

  • Clever and Terrifying All at Once

    Once you finish watching, you'll wonder why they hadn't thought of this before.

  • D-DAY, 70 Years Ago Today

    "My fellow Americans..."

  • MJ Teenage Impersonator, Take 1

    Brett Nichols, only 17, performs for his high school talent show.

    Here's ...

  • MJ Teenage Impersonator, Take 2

    Seventeen-year-old Brett Nichols' performance ...

  • Meet Kiera and Uriah

    "Dance is my escape and my home away from home."

  • GoPro: Lost in Jellyfish Lake

    Nana Trongratanawong surrounded by millions of golden jellyfish ...

  • Franchesca Bass Auditions

    For more stunning performances, watch 'So You Think You Can Dance' Wednesdays at 7:00pm on FOX 55/27 ...

  • Frosty the Snow Goat


  • Microsoft Turns Skype into Universal Translator

    Skype may be the new real-time universal translator.

    As ...

  • Baby Modern Dance

    Teach me how to dance.

  • Flash Mob Superhero Wedding Proposal

    Summer weddings. Summer proposals. The bar is higher and higher and higher.

    May the odds be ever ...

  • Hannah + Daniel Groom's Dance


    Someone's been watching 'So You Think You Can Dance.'

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm on ...

  • Silly dog is jealous of baby

  • EPIC proposal from 26 countries, 4 years in the making

    Doing. It. Right.

  • Occulus Rift Leads to Hoverboard

  • Reading Rainbow Reboot Reaches $1m Goal

    The 'Reading Rainbow' revival kickstarter blows beyond its $1 million ...

  • Video of Cracking at Chicago Willis Tower's "The Ledge"

    (Video via NBC ...

  • Willis Tower Skydeck's Ledge Shows Cracks During Tourists' Visit

    While visiting Chicago's attractions, including the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, a family from California ...

  • AugDEmented Reality

    This artist draws on transparencies and strings together animations involving everyday environments. ...

  • LeVar Burton to bring back Reading Rainbow

    Seriously. The kickstarter ...

  • Jenga Cat

    This cat playing jenga.

  • Little Girl and Sea Lion play tag.

    This sea lion appears to be playing with a little girl. But watch what happens when she takes a tumble.

  • Mr. G and Jellybean

    This is a sweet story of friendship.

  • Morgan Freeman + Helium


  • Hey Cat. Hey

    What cat's are really saying.

  • 100 lbs (45 kg) of Magnetic Putty

    As seen on Good Day Illinois' "Trending Now."

  • Stormtroopers Twerk

    "You're twerking caused a great disturbance in the force."

  • EmpTV Cribs

    In a spoof of MTV Cribs, this short video depicts the luxurious homes of Storm Troopers.

  • Dad and Daughter Lip Sync

  • Momma Saves Bear Cub

  • When Engineers Own Dogs


  • Big Mouth Billy Bass

    Because it's a singing wall-mounted fish.

    And the rain won't stop.

    Who sang it better? ...

  • Big Mouth Lance Bass

    We see what you did there, Jimmy.

    Who did it better?
    Billy ...


    This 6-year-old yo-yo master from Japan is blowing minds.

  • Grilled Grilled Cheese

    "Not ...

  • Porcupine or Puppy?

    Snickers the porcupine thinks he's a puppy.

    Just another dose of adorable to get you through the ...

  • Gummy Bear vs. Potassium Chlorate

    We still love science.

    VAT19 curates a collection of novelty items ...

  • Michael Jackson Dancing On His Own Grave in "Love Never Felt So Good"

    Five years after the King of Pop's death, Michael Jackson's posthumous album Xscape dropped earlier ...

  • My Cat Saved My Son

    Watch how the family cat saves a boy from an attack dog.

    Video uploader Roger Triantafilo wrote ...

  • Pug pizza beach. Source: unknown/internet.

    This picture graced the internet with its greatness today.

    Self-proclaimed "directory of wonderful ...

  • Science Experiments with Kevin Delaney

    We love science.

    Jimmy Fallon hit another home run with this video.

  • Headshot d'un chat dans "La meilleure boulangerie de France"

    Translation: a cat ran into a glass door during a french cooking show.

  • Great White Shark Attacks Inflatable Boat!

    Captured by the filmmakers of Max Animal while in South Africa.

  • Tornado Victim Texts Mother 'Goodbye'

    Watch this heartbreaking story.

  • I Will Survive

    VH1's controversial anti-bullying ad channels 'Revenge of the Nerds'.
    It uses the slogan "Nerds today...bosses ...

  • 100 Days of Dance

    In this morning's Trending Now, a popular YouTuber is on a mission to take on an extensive bucket ...


    The official extended trailer for 'GOTHAM' coming to FOX this fall.

    The series tells the origins ...

  • Look Up

    The speaker shares prose about the state of our social world today.
    "A world full of smart ...

  • Counting down to 24: Live Another Day

    Jack is back! 24: Live Another Day premieres at 7:00pm on FOX 55/27 Illinois!

  • A Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

    Check out this nifty kickstarter ...

  • Menu Spelling Test | Kitchen Nightmares

    How often do you catch spelling errors on menus?

    Does it alter your attitude towards the restaurant?

    Gordon ...

  • Baltimore Landslide

    On Thursday morning, crews began clearing debris after a landslide swept away several cars in Baltimore ...

  • 1 is 2 Many PSA: 60 Second

    The White House just released a PSA that everyone needs to see. Not just men. Everyone.

  • The Star-Spangled Banner (in Minor Key) by Chase Holfelder

    Chase explains how the song mood changes depending on the key, major or minor.

    Check out his version ...

  • Emma Stone vs. Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync-Off

    More internet gold.

    Monday night, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' star Emma Stone join Jimmy Fallon on ...

  • LA Coffee Shops #OnlyinHelLA

    Watch this viral video about #thestruggle of ordering coffee in a coffee shop.

    Can you relate? ...

  • Russian Firefighters Create Hovercraft

    Russian firefighters create a hovercraft that can lift a man using the combined effort and force of 6 ...

  • Alex & Jumpy - The Parkour Dog

    Parkour is defined as a holistic training discipline derived from military obstacle course training.

    Dogs ...

  • Super Mario Bros Theme Song on Wine Glasses and a Frying Pan

    One of the most recognizable theme songs performed using wine glasses and a frying pan.

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson Said What He Thinks About Race Now That He's Made It, And Almost Nobody Noticed

    According to Rijav Narayan:

    "To set the scene, the (poorly posed) question is referring ...

  • Viral Video Shows Toddler Smoking Pot Given a Joint

    How young is too young?

  • "To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter"

    This father's letter to, well, the boys who may one day date his daughter.

  • 0 to 14 years in 4 min.

    WATCH this time-lapse video of a girl aging from infant to teen.

    Warning: It's precious.

  • Rapping Staff Sergeant

    "Rules to follow to make the cast last."

  • CATS playing Giant Jenga

  • Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Gives The Safety Speech To End All Safety Speeches

    This flight attendant wins everything.

    "And if you're traveling with small children? We're sorry."

    "Sit ...

  • "Creationist Cosmos"

    The popular satirical website has recently created a response to to FOX's 'Cosmos'. 

  • World's Toughest Job - #worldstoughestjob

    A Boston agency posted a job listing for a 'director of operations' position. Around 2.7 million saw ...

  • The most amazing beaver experience.

    A Canadian reporter filmed these beavers building a house. It's cute.

  • Worst Wheel of Fortune Contestant Ever

    "On-The-Spot Dice Spin"

    But really. How?

  • #HowDoYouKFC?

    "It's original recipe. I know how much you like original recipe."

    'Tis the season. Prom is approaching.

    Of ...

  • 24: Live Another Day | Extended Trailer


    Set your clocks and let the countdown begin.

    24: Live Another Day premieres in ...

  • Girl Meets World

    Hey nineties kids! Cory and Topanga are BACK!

    The Disney channel has released a trailer for the ...

  • I'm a Textpert (Rap Battle)

    Do you think you're a 'textpert'?

    WATCH this video that we aired and discussed on Good Day Illinois ...

  • Frozen Let It Go (bombed by dad)

    As seen on Good Day Illinois, this viral video of a father 'photobombing' or rather 'videobombing' his ...

  • NYC Cop Challenges Street Performer to Epic Dance Off!

    NYC- Cop or street performer? Who do you think danced it better?

  • This Thai Commercial Will Inspire You

    Do you think helping other people should come with a reward? It does.

    WATCH to see the reward. ...

  • Urban Cow Tipping

    Car-tipping, the latest trend in vandalism.

    Sources say several cars were found upturned in San ...

  • Frog Frenchie Fun French Bulldog Puppy Argues Bedtime

    Cute puppy videos are the best cure for Tuesdays that feel like Mondays.

  • Security Cameras Catch a Gem!

    WATCH the ...

  • Mama Kitty's Rescue

    You can't handle the cute.

  • House covered in Post-it notes

    If you're looking for an April fool's jokes...

    DISCLAIMER: There are some offensive words.

  • BaneCat

    And you thought cats were evil?


    This cyber stalker freaks people out.

  • "Tonight Show Funny Face Off" with Jude Law

    What's your best funny face?

    What about your funny face recreation? Can you recreate any of these ...

  • Redneck Road Rage / Instant Karma

    WARNING: There are profanities and some violence.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger on QVC: "Get to the Chopper!"

    Jimmy Fallon always brings a smile. Arnold Schwarzeneggar, though.

  • Parachuting from the Great Wall of China (World's first speed flight)

    This guy, right?

    "The guards are laughing, we're good!"

    As seen on Good Day Illinois, ...

  • Fire Drill Engagement

    As seen on Good Day Illinois, WATCH this viral video of how a firefighter proposed to his girlfriend.

  • Fire Near AIG Campus

    You may have heard about the Houston, TX apartments that caught fire Tuesday. The apartment site was ...


    On May 5, the legendary series returns to FOX 55/27 Illinois.

    Will you be watching "24: Live Another ...

  • NYC Freedom Tower B.A.S.E. Jump

    A group of men B.A.S.E. jump from NYC Freedom tower at 3am on September 30, 2013 AND they video recorded ...

  • From Bump to Buzz

    This couple created a time lapse video with music written by Tom Fletcher. Watch what happens!

  • World Poetry Day

    March 21 is considered UNESCO World Poetry Day, celebrated around the world since 1999.

    In the ...

  • When the dog stays at home alone

    Secret camera shows what dog does while the owners are way for the day.

  • 33 Simpsons Impressions

    If you're from Springfield, any Springfield in the United States, you're aware of the Simpsons. As seen ...

  • Good Looking Parents Sing Disney's Frozen

    As seen on Good Day Illinois, this video is trending right now on the interwebs.

    Animated Disney ...

  • Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombs U2

    Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Sherlock, photobombed U2 at the Academy Awards, on the red carpet? ...

  • "Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb" with Jimmy Fallon & Jon Hamm

    Jimmy and Jon photobomb tourists.

  • Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis.

    They poke fun at each other and it's pretty great.

    "Have ...

  • '80s Awareness

    Kevin Bacon explains the '80s to millennials.

    "You people will never know the comfort of parachute ...

  • "Drive High, Get a DUI"

    The Colorado Department of Transportation has launched a clever ad campaign to take on the topic of driving ...

  • The billboard that produces potable water out of air

    Who knew billboards could be put use for something more useful than advertising?

    These UTEC billboards ...

  • #Kimmel YouTube Film -- Ameowadeus

    Hamster on a piano and keyboard ...

  • "Jurassic Park" Raptors Replaced with Mewing Kitties

    For the cat haters out there, here's one more to add to your pile of furry and ferocious nightmares.

    Somehow, ...

  • Funny or Die is Sorry for Lying about Hoverboards

    And the pranksters apologize and disappoint dreamers everywhere. The HUVr ...

  • HUVr Tech

    This video went viral yesterday, leading people to believe that hovercrafts exist now.

    They ...


  • Airplane! Stars Shirley Love Wisconsin Summers

    Airplane! stars re-unite for Wisconsin's tourism ad. And it's perfect!

  • Los Angeles Panics Over Rain

    Jimmy Kimmel teases that Southern Californian local news channels treat the occasional rain like the ...

  • Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: "Test Drive 2"

    This automotive journo was skeptical about the authenticity of the "Test Drive" (in which Gordon pranked ...

  • President Obama & Vice President Biden Show Us How They Move

    As discussed on Good Day Illinois Monday morning, this video of the President and Vice President jogging ...

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson & Brian Greene Reenact a Scene from #Gravity

    After 'Gravity' made off with most of the awards Sunday night, and with the upcoming premiere of 'Cosmos: ...

  • How a Tree Trunk Sounds on a Record Player

    Age-old question answered.

    "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, what ...

  • The Cosmic Calendar

    Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson premieres Sunday, March 9 on FOX 55/27 Illinois.

  • Seth Rogen Opening Statement #EndALZ (C-SPAN)

    Seth Rogan delivers his opening statement on Alzheimer's Research before a Senate hearing Wednesday.

    Rogen ...

  • Jimmy Debuts His #SuitOfTheLoom

    Jimmy Kimmel debuted his "Suit of the Loom" lastnight.

    Many hours of child labor went into the ...

  • Most Astounding Fact About the Universe from Neil Degrasse Tyson

    "When I look up at the night sky, and I know that " yes, we are part of this universe, we are in this ...

  • Lip Sync Battle with Paul Rudd

    Everyone is exploding about Jimmy Fallon's latest Lip Sync Battle with Paul Rudd.

    Now, it's important ...

  • Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!

    Spring is just around the corner. Why not think of warmer things, like bunnies and outdoor activities?

    You've ...

  • Trending Now - Child Guitar Prodigy! as seen on Ellen

    We talked about this on Good Day Illinois Tuesday morning. This guest on The Ellen Show really shows ...

  • Trending Now - "Just Don't Go" (Parody of "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel from Disney movie "Frozen")

    As talked about on Good Day Illinois, trending now is the parody written by Bob Herzog, adapted from ...

  • Florida Woman: Cop Attacked Me For Recording Traffic Stop

    Woman files lawsuit after going to jail for recording her own traffic stop.

    S. Florida Brandy ...

  • History of Rap 5 (Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake)

    Jimmy Fallon is at it again. What was your favorite rap cover snippet?
    What song do you think Jimmy ...

  • UNEDITED FULL VERSION Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall

    If you're keeping up with the news from Sochi, you probably heard about all the ...

  • #Hashtag2 with Jimmy Fallon & Jonah Hill

    Jimmy ...

  • #Hashtag with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

    Jimmy ...

  • Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in my hall

    Kate Hansen, olympic luger on Team USA, posted this video on her YouTube page of what appears to be a ...

  • I Am a Ukrainian

    This video has been circulating the web along with compilations of photos depicting recent events and ...

  • The Ragtime Gals: Ignition (Remix)

    Jimmy Fallon is killin' it on the internet this week. And it's only Wednesday.

    What other "popular" ...

  • Cat Curling

    Just for fun, what if the Olympic events were more like this? Would you be more or less of a fan?

  • "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith)

    Jimmy Fallon took the reigns of "The Tonight Show" last night on NBC.

    Check out this skit, featuring ...

  • Surf Dog Ricochet Grants Make-A-Wish for Caleb

    Caleb ...

  • What Does the Fox Say?

    Since the well-known Ylvis song posed the question, we stumbled across this video of a rescued fox.  

    The ...

  • How to Beat Flappy Bird

    You've probably heard that the latest addictive smartphone game is 'Flappy Bird'. 

    WATCH ...

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