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Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Updated: Wednesday, February 25 2015, 11:00 PM CST

Fourth of July, while it's commonly known for wearing red, white and blue, and of course watching a good fireworks show, it's also one of the most dangerous holidays for pets.

Debbie Bonner of the Animal Protective League says it's the organization's single largest night for intake of lost pets. She says a likely cause is the fireworks.

"Animals can become very frightened," Bonner said. "Even animals that don't show alot of fear in thunderstorms and loud noises a lot of times can become very frightened especially if you take them out into some place strange."

That's why the the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA, is working with vets and shelters to provide some helpful tips to pet owners during this holiday.

Leave your pets at home and inside if possible, turning on the radio or a TV to help alleviate anxiety.

"We have fun at parks with lots of people and lots of noises and the fireworks but to them it is very overwhelming they could go into sensory overload and they could act very unexpectedly," Bonner said.

Unexpected actions that could lead to serious injury for your pet.

"We actually had an incident of a dog and his invisible fence collar not working. And with the fireworks going on, he escaped from his fence and ended up in the lake," Amy Parkhill of the Meyer's Mobile Animal Clinic said.

If you do plan on taking your pet to the festivities, make sure they have propper ID: a dog collar with the dog's name, your name and phone number at the bare minimum.

Also, never leave your pet in the car. Bonner says while they can't escape them cars get very hot making it a dangerous place for them to be.

Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

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