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Hundreds Hired by Hy-Vee

Updated: Saturday, April 19 2014, 05:15 PM CDT
With the announcement of the new Hy-Vee grocery store in Springfield came hope for new jobs. First came the construction jobs, with most of the workers from Springfield. Now there is hiring for jobs within the store once it opens.

Working together on the project, Store Director Kyle Thornsbrough and the ward's alderman, Joe McMenamin, became fast friends.                   

"The job market's hard out there, and I got that. We went into all the schools, the churches, recruited high school people and just anybody and everybody that we came across with a smiling face," Thornsbrough said.

He says most employees will make just above minimum wage. 550 will be part-time, and another 130 full-time.

"I was working for the school district doing noon hour supervisors. I was working two hours a day, and then all of a sudden they moved me down to one hour a day," new Hy-Vee hire Heather Singer said.

The Springfield mom of one will work full time at the store for $9.50 an hour. Singer says that after six months of looking for work, she applied online for this job and aced the in-person interview.

"Just come in there with a good, clean cut and well-dressed and a good interview and just answer the questions they ask you," Singer said, offering advice to anyone who is asked to come in for an interview.

Two things you need to know:

  • Apply online and be prepared to wait once you're called. The only way to get an interview is to complete an online application at www.hyvee.com. At this point there aren't a lot of jobs left, but the job seeking is competitive because of the large number of applicants.
  • You don't need a high school diploma. In fact, the company has a policy where any employee who earns a diploma or GED qualifies to earn another dollar an hour.

The store opening is planned for this spring.

Hundreds Hired by Hy-Vee

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