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More Healthy Women are Hiring 'Social Surrogates' over Pregnancy

Updated: Tuesday, April 22 2014, 11:50 PM CDT

Surrogate pregnancies aren't just for those who have trouble conceiving. We take a look at why some women are carrying babies for others.. who simply don't want to be pregnant. They're being called social surrogates and they're getting paid big bucks from women who don't want their careers or their bodies affected by a pregnancy.

Millions of couples struggle to get pregnant and become parents. About a year ago, a surrogacy company in California called Conceptual Options started noticing a pattern of couples coming for help. They are younger, professional, heterosexual, highly educated, and in high-earning careers who were looking for a surrogate to have a baby because the mother-to-be didn't want to go through physically being pregnant, according to Saira Jhutty, Ph.D., of Conceptual Options.

In other words, the woman was physically and medically capable of getting pregnant herself, but didn't want to. Why? Some were afraid of being pregnant. Others didn't want the pregnancy to interfere with their careers or ruin their bodies.

Dr. Manny Alvarez, the senior managing health editor for Fox News and an OB/GYN, didn't mince words in commenting about this trend.

"It's nuts," Alvarez said. "To get a surrogate because you don't want stretch marks is an insult. To go through a surrogate because you don't want to experience childbirth is an insult."

What does Conceptual Options say to critics who call it a slap in the face to women who desperately want to have a child and can't?

"It is not my place to put judgment on their decision," Jhutty said.

Surrogacy isn't cheap. On average, it costs about $100,000.

"What are you going to do when you take the baby home? You're going to give it to somebody else to raise?" Alvarez asked.

Paid surrogacy is illegal in New York. If you live in the state, you cannot pay someone else living in New York to carry a baby for you.

More Healthy Women are Hiring 'Social Surrogates' over Pregnancy

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