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Your Tax Return May Never Come

Updated: Tuesday, April 22 2014, 12:20 AM CDT

That tax return you're waiting for may never come. Chances are you won't know anything about it until you get a letter from the IRS telling you that your money has been confiscated to settle an old debt from a blood relative. It could be a decades-old debt of a parent who has long since passed away, and the government is offering little to no proof that debt ever existed. It's happened to at least one couple here in central Illinois, Mike and Brenda Samonds. According to the Social Security administration, they overpaid survivor's benefits to Mike's mother after Mike's father passed away in 1969. His mom died in 1980, but the federal government wasn't going to write off the more than 30-year old debt. With no advance warning the government took the money from Mike and Brenda's tax return.

It's kind of scary sometimes some of the things that you can find buried in the bottom of some of these bills that are passed every year and thinks that are just add-ons and you don't think those things will affect you, but they obviously can. And it was just one sentence in the bottom of the farm bill that did away with the statute of limitations on old debts, and it opened up 400-thousand people have gotten the same letter that I did," Mike Samonds said.

The government couldn't tell him how exactly the overpayment was made, but they did get a letter saying the debt was settled. He says some families have not been able to get that. If this happens to you, you can appeal.  Because the government took just under $200-dollars from them, the Samonds family decided it wasn't worth the fight.

Your Tax Return May Never Come

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