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FDA Proposes Banning Trans Fats

Updated: Friday, November 8 2013, 03:59 PM CST

A product that was once a staple in the American diet may soon be no more if the Food and Drug Administration has its way.

Efforts have been made before to lessen the amount of trans fats we consume. Now, the FDA wants to get rid of the heart-clogging fat altogether.

Trans fats are normally found in processed foods like popcorn, chips, and other snacks.

We checked in with local restaurants, and many of they said they never use trans fats. Instead, they use fresh ingredients and healthy oils like olive oil.

That's good news, according to local dieticians, since trans fats have been linked to heart problems.

"It does not occur naturally in foods," Springfield Clinic dietician Amanda Figge said. "It's something that is created in a factory. So what they do is they take vegetable oil and they add hydrogen to it. So what this does is it makes a product that is a little bit more shelf-stable."

The FDA says the average American still eats around a gram of trans fat per day. They say getting rid of the fat completely could prevent more than 20,000 heart attacks.

A ban on trans fat won't happen right away. The FDA says they want to work with manufacturers, because each food needs to be treated differently.

The FDA hopes a two-month write-in session will help food manufacturers come up with a substitute for trans fat.

FDA Proposes Banning Trans Fats

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