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Health Officials Urge People to Get Flu Shots for Holiday Season

Updated: Thursday, December 12 2013, 10:46 AM CST

Have you gotten a flu shot yet?  Officials with the Illinois Department of Public Health say they're seeing sporadic flu activity.

They're encouraging more people to be vaccinated this week during Vaccinate Illinois Week. Experts say over the holidays, people often get together with family or friends in large group settings, making it easy for the flu to spread. While many people think a person can get the flu from a flu shot, experts say that's not true.

"The vaccine is not capable of giving someone influenza," said Carol Finley with of the Illinois Department of Public Health. "What's present in our vaccinations is either killed virus or attenuated part of the virus, which wouldn't be allowing someone to become infected after getting a shot or nasal spray."

To reduce the spread of flu, experts recommend washing your hands frequently and staying home if you're sick.

Health Officials Urge People to Get Flu Shots for Holiday Season

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