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Study: Corn Oil Healthier Than Olive Oil

Updated: Thursday, December 12 2013, 10:46 AM CST

You see it grow during the summer and harvested in the fall. And now, a new study says corn can help you reduce cholesterol--specifically corn oil when compared to extra virgin olive oil.

"We know the link between cholesterol and heart disease is very well established and something we need to work on as Americans," said Gayle Jennings, a registered dietitian from Memorial Medical Center.

The study found consuming foods made with corn oil resulted in lowering bad cholesterol by about 11 percent and total cholesterol by about 8 percent. Olive oil's numbers were about 3 percent and 2 percent respectively.

"Anything in moderation and if we can avoid the saturated and trans fats, we are doing our hearts good," Jennings said.

The study comes at a time where farmers saw big corn yields this year. Bill Long is a farmer from Franklin, and he's also with the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. He says they are constantly looking for new markets for corn.

"That little kernel of corn or that bushel of corn it produces a lot of different things," Long said.

Long says about 5 percent of corn goes to food, 30 percent goes to ethanol, and 40 percent to feed.

"Just things that are made from corn that people don't think about are makeup, paint, dyes, drywall, sandpaper, and in the last few years, carpet has been a big corn user," Long said.

The study says corn oil has a unique combination of healthy fatty acids and plant sterols--in fact, four times more plant sterols than olive oil. Research suggests those things keep you healthier.

Study: Corn Oil Healthier Than Olive Oil

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