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Governor and Lawmakers in Decatur

Updated: Friday, September 20 2013, 03:53 PM CDT

Governor Pat Quinn was in Decatur Thursday with many other elected officials from across the state, ata site called the Midwest Inland Port.

It's an intermodal transportation facility built largely by ADM.

During his remarks, Governor Quinn said this isn't a Democratic facility, or a Republican facility, it's an Illinois facility.

"Well I'm interested in working on the job right now," says Quinn, "there will be plenty of time for politics, and campaigning, but right now the number one issue is jobs and economic growth for the people of Illinois, that's why this investment today, is going to create jobs for everyday people, who are the heart and sole of our state, and that's why I'm here."

Governor Quinn also had some good news earlier in the week when his Democratic primary challenger Bill Daley dropped out of the race.

But not everyone in his party was ecstatic with the news.

"I've always said primaries are helpful things," says Democratic Senator Andy Manar, "if we had more people running for office, I think that means there's more participation and higher turnout, and those are all good things in a democracy."

All the elected officials we talked to agreed that a pension reform bill needs to pass.

Quinn said his veto of lawmaker salaries was to remind them that they need to roll up their sleeves and get the job done.

"My thought is it's been somewhat irrelevant," says Republican Senator Christine Radogno, "and the people committed to working on it would have worked on it either way, it's a tough issue, and that was just an unfortunate sideshow."
The doors, chandeliers, and statues in the capitol's West wing have also been a hot topic lately, but Chapin Rose said it's indicative of the capital plan that the renovation was a part of.

"This is one of the reasons I voted against the original capital bill, way back when," says Rose, "you know Illinois had 11 to 12 billion dollars in legitimate need, when I say need, I mean a road that's broken, a bridge that's out, you know a need, the capital bill that passed was something in the order of 30 billion dollars, now you've gone from need to want."

As far as the Midwest Inland Port, officials were in agreement that this could be huge for Illinois

They called it a game changer, and said it might be as big as when the railroads first came to Chicago, because it will allow businesses to import and export directly to and from Central Illinois.

According to ADM officials, the facility has 2 high speed cranes that can handle 50,000 shipping containers per year, and the site has enough room to expand in the future to handle 150,000.
Reporting in Decatur, Mike Brooks NewsChannel20.

Governor and Lawmakers in Decatur

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