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Illinois Health Insurance Rates Released

Updated: Wednesday, September 25 2013, 03:11 PM CDT

The Affordable Care Act's health insurance marketplace is one day closer to going online. And now, there is new information on what these plans are looking like in Illinois. Gov. Pat Quinn released a series of rate examples, including this one: the monthly rate for the lowest-cost plan for a 25-year-old non-smoker in Chicago will be $120.

"Unfortunately, that's still twice what that same young man could buy insurance for today in the private market," Illinois Policy Institute Director of Health Policy Naomi Bauman said.

However, finding a rate at around $60 for someone of that description would probably be bare-bones coverage. Under the Affordable Care Act, all plans provide hospitalization, ambulance, mental health and maternity services--just to name a few.

"Everybody's so busy trying to jump on it, trying to make the negative end of it work, that they don't worry about the positive end," Springfield resident Chico Belle said.

The rates announced by Quinn are 25 percent lower than estimates from the federal government. Many Illinoisans living in poverty, who are not offered affordable health care through their jobs, may be eligible for subsidies.

Here is another example: A single 30-year-old living in Chicago and making $23,000 a year could bring his or her monthly premium down to $69.

The Illinois Policy Institute is still worried about options.

"My concern is that under the ObamaCare exchange these health insurance providers will only have a very limited number of doctors and hospitals that these patients can go to," Bauman said.

There are also concerns about security, since the exchanges must compile sensitive information about those who use it.

"It's got kinks," Belle said. "Everything has kinks in it. Give it a couple of years, work the kinks out, see how much it does really help the people that really need the help, you know?"

All-in-all, Quinn says, 95 percent of Illinoisans will have access to 34 different plans under the exchange. That exchange goes online on October 1.

Story by NewsChannel20.

Illinois Health Insurance Rates Released

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