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Jackson Jr. Sentenced for Campaign Fund Violation

Updated: Thursday, August 15 2013, 03:27 PM CDT

UPDATED August 14, 6:03 p.m.
Former Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will spend two and a half years behind bars for spending $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. His sentence is just below the guideline of four to five years.

Jackson pleaded guilty earlier this year for using those campaign funds to purchase TVs, restaurant dinners, and even a Rolex watch valued at more than $43,000.

After the hearing, Jackson acknowledged his failings and hoped for a renewal.

"I still believe in the power of forgiveness," Jackson said. "I believe in the power of redemption. Today, I manned up and tried to accept responsibility for the error of my ways. And I still believe in the resurrection."

Jackson's wife, Sandra Jackson, will also face one year of jail time for filing joint income tax returns that understated the couple's income. She will serve her sentence after her husband gets out of prison. The couple has two children, and asked to serve at separate times.
UPDATED August 14, 12:15 p.m.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A federal judge has sentenced former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to 30 months in prison, following his guilty plea that he engaged in a scheme to spend $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman said today that as a public official Jackson was supposed to live up to a higher standard.

Jackson, 48, the son of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, had been a Democratic congressman from Illinois from 1995 until he resigned last November.

According to court papers in the case, he used campaign money to buy items including a $43,350 gold-plated men's Rolex watch.

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Jackson Jr. Sentenced for Campaign Fund Violation

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