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Local Concealed Carry Instructors Approved

Updated: Monday, September 30 2013, 12:54 PM CDT

The Illinois State Police agency continues to release more approved concealed carry instructors. Right now, the total stands at 54. Four of them are in Central Illinois.

At Siddens Range and Gun Shop in Buckhart, they're gearing up to start offering concealed carry classes.

The employees inside are excited not only about the business that will bring, but about getting the permits themselves.

"Because it's our right," employee Lisa Seiler said. "It's our God-given right to have carry and conceal."

"I think it's great, I really do," co-worker Roland Marshall said. "It's been a long time coming. You gotta look at it that 49 states have it, nobody's repealed it, so it must work. And every report you hear, FBI or anything, they say crime rate is down."

The range has been receiving a steady stream of customers ready to start taking classes.

"Oh, a lot of customers," Marshall said. "And we've got a book we write them down when they call. And we've got about five pages full of people that want to take it."

Gavin McKee is a former Marine marksmanship instructor. He's been approved as an instructor by ISP. He knows he will be offering some of the classroom training at the Country Inn and Suites in Forsyth.

"It's gonna be incredibly busy," McKee said. "The Illinois State Police is predicting around 400,000 applicants in the first year, so it's gonna be crazy busy."

Even as more information has become official, there are still plenty of unknowns, including what type of curriculum will be approved, and even how instructors themselves will get concealed carry permits.

"I guess I would have to take the same curriculum, once it's approved," McKee said. "I don't know. It's unanswered at this point. It's just speculation."

Until more answers come out, there's only so much ranges like Siddens can tell customers.

"That as soon as we're ready, and the state says we can do it, we're ready to go," Seiler said.

According to the Illinois State Police, they will begin releasing approved curricula starting September 30.

So theoretically after that, an approved instructor with an approved curriculum could begin offering classes any time.
Reporting in Buckhart, Mike Brooks, NewsChannel20.

Local Concealed Carry Instructors Approved

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