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Pension Reform Group Still Divided

Updated: Tuesday, October 15 2013, 02:06 PM CDT

It's a $100 billion problem with no easy solution. Gov. Pat Quinn says the state's pension crisis is still far from being solved--and the fall veto session is just around the corner.

The group of lawmakers responsible for coming up with a pension reform solution is still apparently divided. Five Democrats are in favor of a plan that would save the state $138 billion over 30 years. But the one remaining Democrat and three Republicans say they have major concerns about it.

As for Quinn, he says he understands the concern over pension reform, but insists it's a problem he inherited, not created.

"I just met last week with representatives from labor, from the unions, from representatives, from teachers," Quinn said. "I listened carefully to everything they had to say, and I think they would all say 'we have to do something together to try and reform the system.'"

The governor said he'll continue to refuse a paycheck until the issue is resolved. He also said he'll veto any spending bill that comes his way, in order to show were his priorities lie

Pension Reform Group Still Divided

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