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Progressive Income Tax Fight Continues

Updated: Wednesday, February 12 2014, 11:06 AM CST
Proponents and opponents of a progressive state income tax system continue to make their respective pushes.

House Republicans were in Decatur today, vowing the entire caucus would
vote against such a proposal. Those in favor of the idea said it would
represent a tax break for most Illinoisans, and that it would be a
fairer tax, because it asks those who earn more to pay more. But
Republicans opposed to the idea say it would hurt the business climate,
and is nothing more than a tax increase in disguise.

over $18,000 per year, under Jakobsson's bill that she filed, you're
gonna have a tax increase," Rep. Bill Mitchell (R - Forsyth) said.
"That's not rich. That's middle class. That's just barely making it if
you make $18,000 per year."

"By putting more money in the hands
of lower-income individuals, lowering their tax rates, that's going to
be a big deal to the Illinois economy," Bryen Johnson of the Illinois
Federation of Teachers said.

A graduated tax requires a
constitutional amendment. Lawmakers would need to pass the measure with a
3/5 vote in both chambers, then voters would decide during the
election. But the amendment would only give lawmakers the ability to
create the rate structure. House Republican Leader Jim Durkin says
that's like a blank check for Democrats. Progressive Income Tax Fight Continues

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