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Fisher School District Handbook Mentions Social Media

Updated: Friday, May 23 2014, 01:42 PM CDT
FISHER -- The Fisher School Board approved changes to their handbook for next school year, outlining a new policy for students passwords and social media.

The 2014 handbook will read: "law permits Illinois and secondary schools to obtain social networking passwords of students if there is reasonable cause to believe the site contains evidence that a school rule was broken."

The law was passed last year, but board members are moving now to make sure parents are aware. It appears many school districts are dealing with social media and it's impact. Students may assume their posts are private, but they're not. They create a life of their own. The superintendent says they don't want to resort to this measure.

Barb Thompson, Fisher Schools Superintendent says "just by people being aware that this is out there, that it would kind of keep them from engaging in the types of behaviors on the social media that might lead to the school having to get involved. We don't want to get involved. We don't want to monitor social media".

The Superintendent also says normally when issues occur on social media, victims usually turn over a screen shot or print out of the exchange. This option allows them to investigate even further..and if students or parents refuse to turn over passwords, the superintendent says they haven't given it much thought yet.

She believes certainly some type of disciplinary action would occur upon refusal, but again they're hoping not to ever use this option. Fisher School District Handbook Mentions Social Media

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