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ALPLM: Recent Meeting Shows Dysfunction In Ranks

Updated: Sunday, July 20 2014, 11:38 PM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- There are three boards that independently work to manage the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

On Friday, that relationship got even more complicated when it was announced that Steve Beckett, who penned the legislation to break the ALPLM off from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, as the head of the library advisory board he said the library board will not participate in a task-force aimed to address management problems.

"Two of them are willing to work together to try to see if they can fix the problems or decide how serious the problems are, one of them, the library advisory board, has so far not agreed to take part," said Chris Wills, Spokesperson for IHPA.

Those problems were outlined in a report about what the facility lacks for accreditation, like a mission statement, strategic plan and full staffs.

Some think the dysfunction of the board has stood in the way of making progress.

"Instead of focusing on the critical work of creating a unified vision, mission statement, and strategic priorities and making progress on these core documents needed for accreditation we have spent most of our time fighting each other in the legislative and media," said Catherine Shannon, deputy director of IHPA.

Trustee Ted Flickinger doesn't want to see the facility split from the state agency. Instead he thinks this recent report gives those involved a lot to work on and fix.

"The trustees on the IHPA board that we need to come together and work out an agreed upon plan for the future," Flickinger said.

Sunny Fischer, who chairs the state historic preservation board, said she will still look for other members from the library advisory board to join the task-force, if they decline then the task-force will move forward without representation from that board.

The full board will also meet again in September and wants concrete suggestions with how to implement the findings of today's report.

The historic preservation board also approved $50,000 to be used to implement the reports recommendations.ALPLM: Recent Meeting Shows Dysfunction In Ranks

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