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Animals in the Cold

Updated: Monday, February 10 2014, 03:05 PM CST

Temperatures hovering well-below freezing with negative wind chills and many pets are still in the cold.

The Animal Protective League has seen a spike in calls over last winter of people worried about pets left in the cold for too long.

The law requires pet owners to provide shelter like a doghouse, food and water, but doesn't cover anything weather related.

Veterinarian Collen Helgen says, "The brutally cold weather can be dangerous, even deadly."
Helgen says, "Pets can be subjected to hypothermia the same way people can. While it can be a little misleading that they have a fur coat on all the time, pets are just like people in that some people are more tolerant of cold weather than others and the same way for pets."

Signs of hypothermia in dogs include -- shaking, whimpering, weakness, and burrowing. Frostbite can be harder to see or take days to develop. To help needy families and needy pets, the Animal Protective League is asking for doghouse donations.

If you'd like to donate a doghouse you can drop it off at the shelter near the state fairgrounds.

Animals in the Cold

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