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Arrest At A Funeral

Updated: Friday, June 6 2014, 04:51 PM CDT
MACON COUNTY -- A funeral procession in Macon County Tuesday afternoon was interrupted by a man weaving into the group of cars and brandishing a knife, according to police.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office said Zackery Emert, 22, faces numerous charges, including aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, reckless conduct, DUI, and more.

Authorities say Emert was driving his truck recklessly through a funeral procession on Route 36. Later, witnesses told police Emert was fighting with people that were in the procession, brandishing a knife, and causing damage to their vehicles.

Emert fled when police arrived, but was later arrested without incident.

Authorities say no one in the procession was injured.

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