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Beardstown Changing Water and Sewer Rates

Updated: Thursday, July 24 2014, 11:37 PM CDT
Changes are coming Beardstown's water and sewage rates. The change will bring the area up to date with surrounding communities, but it comes at a cost.

The new billing structure for water here in Beardstown aims to make the billing process more fair.

want to go by what you use and not by a flat rate because it's not fair
that my family of four pays the same rate that an elderly couple that
probably don't use as much water as my daughter," ssid Katie Vitale,
Chairman, Beardstown Water and Sewer Committee.

Instead of a flat
rate Beardstown residents will pay a monthly rate of $22.25 for the
first 2,000 gallons of water they use, after that it's $6 per 1000

Sewer rates will also be based on usage with the
minimum being $10 a month and increasing a dollar for every additional
1000 gallons used.

The way the city has structured the billing a
family of four shouldn't expect a steep increase, but larger users like
businesses and  will probably see a  bigger bill.

Water commissioner Katie Vitale also owns a pizza place in town.

hoping that it doesn't affect us too much, but we have the dish washer,
we wash dishes, our ice machine is water cooled and toilets, so it's
going to  be a learning process for everyone here in Beardstown," said

A local salon that uses water to wash hair and give
pedicures is also nervous about the increase because they've never had
to worry about water consumption before.

"Looking at the prices I
think it's going to go way up cause we do use a lot of water here.
Everyday you have to mop, you have to clean. Everyday you use water, all
day every day," said Karen Rodriguez, nail tech at a Beardstown family
owned salon.

Local residents are waiting for their bills and hoping they won't be too high.

lot of people are like me, I have a lot of friends that are widows and
we're on fixed incomes and that's going to be real hard on us," said
Sondra Kruthoff, Beardstown resident.

 Beardstown residents will see the new rates take effect in August,

Any additional revenue from the new system will go directly into upkeep for water and sewer related infrastructure.

Beardstown Changing Water and Sewer Rates

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