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Breast Milk Drop-Off Depot

Updated: Monday, June 23 2014, 03:02 PM CDT

CHAMPIGN-URBANA -- Friday, the Champaign Urbana Public Health Department became the first downstate location in Illinois to create a breast milk donor drop-off site.

Lauren Duncan, Donor Coordinator of Indiana's Mothers Milk Bank says, "This is huge, not just for the Indiana Mother's Milk Bank, but for the Champaign-Urbana Area."

Friday's grand opening was a partnership between the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District and the Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank. Their goal, a more convenient way for mother's to donate milk and raise awareness of the importance of breast feeding.

Donor Mom, Sarah Andresen says, "Breast milk is one of those things that you only have the opportunity to do once. It's not always there. Moms can't always do it and I'm lucky enough and fortunate enough to have the supply to help other moms".

Andresen brought in 90 ounces of breast milk Friday. She's donated more than 2000 ounces over the last several months.

"It's about all these little tiny fragile babies, and they don't have enough food that can help them, that can help them grow, that can help keep them safe," says Heather Ludwig, the event coordinator.

Organizers say many are unaware that breast milk can be donated. The Indiana Mothers Milk Bank provides an on-site freezer to store milk-----CUPHD will now ship to the milk bank on a regular basis.

"Prior to the milk depot opening, donors would have to request a box from the milk bank, purchase dry ice, then mail in their supply, now after a screening process moms can simply schedule an appointment then bring their milk down to the public health department."

Kristin McWilliams donated 400 ounces of breast milk Friday. She's excited that there's now a drop-off site close to home. She hopes it will encourage more moms to donate.

"I've always had an overabundance supply of breast milk and I know there are babies out there who could really benefit from my oversupply," McWilliams says.

The Indiana Mothers Milk Bank receives human milk from carefully screened donors, pasteurizes, freezes and distributes throughout the Midwest. They now have 35 milk drop-off sites across Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin and St. Louis.

Breast Milk Drop-Off Depot

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