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Camp for Kids of Vets

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 03:32 PM CDT

MONTICELLO -- "These kinds of families often move a lot - and so here they have a group of kids that are in the same situation as they are, so they have immediate friendships that form and this gets to be their camp home very quickly"

It may look like an average summer camp, but there's a special mission behind it all to help get kids connected by a shared bond.

"That sense of belonging that comes, that sense of camaraderie that comes from kids that are dealing with the same thing that you are with your parent maybe deployed, or maybe there's been y'know an injury or an ultimate sacrifice that that family has delt with. There's other kids here dealing with the same thing."

For kids at the 4-H Memorial Camp, it's about making friends that can last a lifetime, no matter where you might end up. And officials from the camp believe it's something they won't ever forget.

"What can happen in a 6-day camp is really powerful, something that they really remember in great detail for the rest of their lives."

We spoke to a counselor who used to be a camper telling us that having a parent who is deployed can be tough, but it's camps like these that help.

"It helped me get more friends, it helped me with friends and like kids who went through the same things that we're going through."

Camp for Kids of Vets

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