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Car Crashes Into House, Beneath 90-Year-Old's Bedroom

Updated: Monday, July 21 2014, 10:47 PM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- Police say a drunk driver blew a red light Sunday morning, at the intersection of South Grand Avenue and 15th Street before slamming into an East Side home and blowing a hole in the wall, directly below a 90 year-old woman's bedroom.

"From my aunt's house, you can look down the street and see the world," said her nephew, Dustin Cason, who came over with his cousin and a friend to shore up the hole.

Cason stood in the basement amid bricks and concrete. From outside, the whole corner was visibly crumbling.

"This is not cool, man," he said.

His aunt, Laura Harvell has lived in the house for at least 40 of her 90 years, she says. Luckily she wasn't in it when the truck hit.

"I was in the back yard feeding a little kitten," she said.

When she got around front to see what had happened, she said she saw a truck turned over on its side, and a hole below her bedroom.

"My auntie could be sleeping in her room man, and the house could fall in," Cason said. "Real talk."

Harvell's neighbor, Marion Williams, was outside when the truck hit. She said the passenger was trying to get out as it careened toward the house.

"And when the guy had lost control, he was still hanging out and he hit the windshield and fell out and went running," Williams said.

Police say the driver and the passenger of the truck were taken to the hospital, as was the driver of the second car. None of the injuries were life threatening police said.

"I'm just glad I was out back and not in the house," Harvell said.

Harvell's nephews kept coming back to the "what if's?" What if their aunt had been out front? What if she had been in the bed room, or the basement? They say they're mad someone would even chose to drink and drive.

"It just bewilders me, man," Cason said as he peered out the hole in the basement wall.

Harvell said this was not the first time a car has hit the house. She said another car hit it several decades ago, right after she moved in.Car Crashes Into House, Beneath 90-Year-Old's Bedroom

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