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Champaign County Residents With Four Or More DUI's

Updated: Thursday, June 19 2014, 11:47 PM CDT

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- Currently, there are at least four pending felony DUI cases in Champaign County where offenders have three or more DUI convictions.

"I think it's highly unfortunate but at the same time I find it unsurprising given a whole lot of factors that go into that," says Paige Cunningham, a U of I Graduate student.

Multiple DUI convictions, the first time your license is revoked but you can get it back after completing substance abuse treatment.

"So your first DUI, your second DUI is a misdemeanor, but once you cross the threshold into the third DUI then it becomes a felony and the penalty increases", says State's Attorney Julia Rietz.

Rietz says there are a number of offenses where the law recognizes if you keep disobeying, the punishment will increase.

"When you get to a point where somebody is committing four, five, six DUI's or even more and they're not addressing their alcohol problem, in order to protect the public from that very serious risk, we have to turn to incarceration", Rietz says.

Here's some current cases the State's Attorney Office is working on: Edward Marada, three DUI convictions, one pending case; Denny Busboom, four DUI convictions, one pending case; Michael Cochrane, four DUI convictions, one pending case and then Timothy Nelson, five DUI convictions, one pending case. He could serve up to thirty years in prison.

"Educating them about the consequences is really important because it doesn't only affect them, it affects other people in general", says Habibat Oguntade, a U of I student. 

"It's clear that just getting a DUI is not gonna stop people from that and so that's clearly not an effective punishment, whatever punishments they've gotten for driving under the influence at this point", says Cunningham.

The State's Attorney Office finds convictions from many years ago from multiple jurisdictions across the country.

Champaign County Residents With Four Or More DUI's

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