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Champaign Police Increase DUI Arrests

Updated: Tuesday, July 8 2014, 10:40 AM CDT


The Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists or AAIM as they're commonly called surveyed 700 police agencies in Illinois. Their findings, a remarkable increase for DUI arrests by Champaign police. The company says this is a huge accomplishment for our local law enforcement.

It's designed to commend departments that are doing a good job with DUI arrests, encourage other policing agencies to do better and alert the public to what local authorities are doing about this deadly problem.

Rita Kreslin, Executive Director of AAIM says, "Departments that make more DUI arrests don't necessarily mean that they're more drunk drivers in their community, it does indicate additional active enforcement in the municipalities in the county, which aids in targeting DUI offenders".

According to the survey, in 2012 Champaign Police made 83 arrests for DUI. In 2013 that number jumped 141% to 200 people arrested for driving under the influence.

"It's kind of a shame that that many people decided to do that but it's pretty good that the police are cracking down," says U of I Student Cory Gibson.

It's unclear how Champaign Police were able to step up patrols and get more intoxicated people off the street. There are many ways this could have improved.

"DUI enforcement depending on each department, how many sworn officers and whether or not they can put the officers on the street makes a huge difference on arrests," says Kreslin.

Champaign Urbana folks say the results are good, especially for safety.

"Whatever they change, keep doing it. If it's getting more people that could potentially be harming people off the street, at least you know for the night, keep doing it," says Gibson.

"Were they too easy going before, maybe they weren't watching and all of a sudden somebody said hey this is a serious problem," says Urbana resident Robert Kaufman.

AAIM's executive director also told us there's just no excuse for drinking and driving, People can call a cab, stay where they are or even take a nap in a parking lot.

Also, Rockford ranked number one with the most DUI arrests from 2013. They recorded 556 people arrested for drinking and driving last year.

We reached out to Champaign Police for a comment on this story and have not heard back.

Also, a reminder, if convicted of DUI, you could lose your driving privileges and possibly serve jail time if you're a repeat offender.

Champaign Police Increase DUI Arrests

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