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Champaign Public Works Budget

Updated: Monday, February 17 2014, 01:20 PM CST
It seems too many of the roads in Illinois aren't able to hold up against this harsh winter weather and that's also starting to put pressure on some local budgets. The Champaign Public Works Department says they've already spent almost $200,000 more than they budgeted for this winter. They originally planned to spend $460,000 on snow removal. So far they've spent $608,000 and now need to budget for more just in case winter delivers another bought of snowy weather.
Kris Koester the Champaign public works spokesman says, "We're anticipated probably another 200-thousand that we want to budget for to make sure we that have that there. At no point and time do we want to say we don't have the resources to plow.. we're out of salt. We cant pay for snow." The department says they're pulling reserve money from other parts of the budget to cover the extra money they've spent on snow removal this year.Champaign Public Works Budget

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