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Champaign Unveils Bristol Place Demolition Plans

Updated: Tuesday, July 22 2014, 11:19 PM CDT
CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- CHAMPAIGN-- More than eighty-two homes in one Champaign neighborhood
will be demolished over the next three years. The Bristol Place
neighborhood is set for a massive renovation plan, but before the city
can tear down the homes, they have to move residents out.

project has been discussed for quite some time: phase 1 to demolish the
homes, phase 2 is to rebuild some housing and develop commercial
property. But now is the time the city says we should start to see some

Tuesday night at study session they laid out their
plans to evaluate the 82 properties and discuss how the demolition
process will be carried out. Some of the 82 homes are vacant, and those
will be demolished first, but many others still have families living in
them. For those families, the city first needs to value their home, then
they will begin the purchasing process.

City Councilwoman Karen
Foster says, "That's a huge step. From there we will go to the demo
process. That will take another 3 years. So we're sort of at the
beginning of when people will start to see something real."

homes are purchased, the city will accept bids from contractors to
demolish homes in blocks of 5. An emphasis is being put on salvaging and
recycling as many materials as possible during the course of the
demolition. Officials from the Neighborhood Services department say the
main focus will be to keep residents safe throughout the process. Once
the bidding process begins, city officials hope to hire as many local
businesses as possible to do the work. They estimate it will take an
average of about 3 weeks to demolish each house.Champaign Unveils Bristol Place Demolition Plans

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