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Champaign's Unit 4 Schools Prepare for Active Shooter Situation

Updated: Friday, June 13 2014, 11:30 AM CDT
CHAMPAIGN -- In just two scenarios, everything changed. No longer were they administrators with Unit 4 Schools. Now, they were victims, heroes and shooters.

"How many shots of that air horn did you hear before she entered this room," ALICE Trainer Shawn Slezak asked after a shooting simulation."

"Four? She shot 16 times. The farthest she went down was the doors to the gym," he said.

When faced with danger you must do something -- whether it's taking down the attacker or calling 9-1-1 for help. That's what administrators learned during "ALICE," a survival skills training program.

Stratton Elementary Assistant Principal Yvette Lane-Rose explained how she reacted during the simulation.

"When they came into the room, I knew that everybody was gonna start running towards the door. That's why I just fell out of the chair onto the floor," Lane-Rose said.

Slezak, an ALICE Trainer, said "ALICE" is revising the way schools respond during active shooter situations. Instead of locking down, Slezak teaches that it's better to move.

"That traditional lock down, mandated response a lot of these schools have, they have to get out of that because history shows it's not working...There's not a single documented case of a moving target being killed in a school, so you're 90 percent less likely to be hit if you're moving and then those fatal shots go way down," Slezak said.

After the training, Lane-Rose said this training will definitely impact her students -- who might not know how to react during an active shooting.

"Like the gentleman said, they've been trained to do it a certain way. So we have to shift their thinking so that they'll know to just get up and run as opposed to getting under the desk and hiding," Lane-Rose said.Champaign's Unit 4 Schools Prepare for Active Shooter Situation

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