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Changes in Store for November 2014 Voting Process

Updated: Friday, July 4 2014, 12:11 AM CDT


Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law this week that expands early voting and allows for voter registration on Election Day.

The law will only affect the 2014 elections, but it's
expected to cost Sangamon County $6,000-$10,000 during that time. That will include extended times and dates for early voting, and additional staff to handle registering new voters on their busiest day of the year. The Director of Elections isn't convinced the changes will have much of an impact on the overall voter turnout.

Sangamon County's Director of elections, Stacey Kern, says
she thinks expanding access to voting is a good idea, but she too questions how effective it will be.

"Traditionally as they've expanded the early voting and
the different pre-election ballots, it really hasn't shown a big difference in voter turnout. So whether all these changes and expenses are really going to have a big impact on voter turnout is something we'll have to wait and see," Kern said.

Voter registration on election days is already legal in 10 other
states and in D.C. The bill in Illinois passed through the legislature on the second to last day of the spring session, and again will only be valid during this November's election.

Changes in Store for November 2014 Voting Process

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