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Collapsed Building's Future Uncertain

Updated: Wednesday, July 30 2014, 12:09 AM CDT
TAYLORVILLE -- Bricks still litter the street at the northeast corner of
Taylorville's downtown square, and the danger doesn't end there.

"We did see some cracks," said Taylorville Fire Chief Mike
Crews, "and that's something the insurance is going to have to look at
pretty strong."

The city engineer says he only got to see the
building from the street on Sunday, but it looked to him like it needed
to come down. An insurance adjustor came by the building Monday, too,
but until an engineer hired by the insurance company is able to make a
determination, the building stays where it is - hopefully.

Fire Department was able to give us a hand and shore up that side of
the building," Crews said. "And we're hoping that's going to hold in the
short term, obviously."

The waiting wasn't fun for the building
owner's father, Harry Clark, who was keeping an eye on the situation as
his son is out of town.

"You know, nobody tells you anything, and you just sit here and wait, or stand there and wait and go from there," Clark said.

a final verdict hadn't been reached by Monday afternoon, the fire
department did take off a rogue piece of siding that was flapping in the
wind, clinging to the building.

"And if that were to come off, you'd basically have a knife flying around," Crews explained.

Nobody Newschannel 20 talked with, wanted to see the building come down.

"It would be like having a great smile without a tooth," Crews said of the downtown.

"My son don't want it to come down," Clark said. "So, that's why you pay insurance, I guess."

owner of the To The Moon Tattoos, Jeff Graham, narrowly missed being
caught in the rubble, leaving minutes before the facade came down. He
hasn't yet found out how much damage there is

"I know that my koi pond is ruined and my fish are probably dead," he said.

There is a silver lining. Someone has already offered him a short term lease should he need it.

like I said, if you go to Springfield, ain't nobody going to care, you
know?" Graham said. "So it's nice to live in a small town, small
community, where people actually care."Collapsed Building's Future Uncertain

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