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Computers, Hard Drives Missing from Governor's Office

Updated: Monday, February 24 2014, 10:29 AM CST
A new audit shows the governor's office has no idea on the whereabouts
of computers and computer equipment possibly containing confidential

According to an auditor general's report, a server,
three laptops, and three hard drives are missing from the governor's
office. Some of the missing computers were not encrypted. The governor's
office could not determine what type of information was on these

The auditor general's office says the longer the equipment if missing, the risk of information being exposed increases.

they haven't been wiped, if they haven't been cleaned, what kind of
information--especially if it's Human Services or the Department of
Professional Regulations, you've got some of those departments that
there's a lot of private information on there, and the governor's office
is responsible," Rep. Raymond Poe (R - Springfield) said.

to a spokesman for the governor's office, the whereabouts of one of the
laptops is known, but the other two are still missing. The Quinn
administration claims all the missing computers were misplaced prior to
Quinn taking office.Computers, Hard Drives Missing from Governor's Office

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