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CSI Camp Cancelled

Updated: Monday, August 4 2014, 11:27 AM CDT

CHAMPAIGN -- Sad news for teens in east-central Illinois as the camp for the Youth Police Academy program will now come to a close.

The program is a  CSI camp for teens in the Champaign area.
It was designed to give kids hands-on practice and training when it comes to crime scene processing and teaching them how to work together as a team.
Students also learned how to take photographs, dust for fingerprints, and draw diagrams of the scene of the staged crime.
The camp was designed to get more students interested in the crime scene investigation field.

"That there's a lot of interest in crime scene processing and that - the kids are really interested in the details aspects of it. Y'know, what breaks down, what you do to collect evidence."

Westfield says the hardest part about the camp is teaching the kids to take their time, since crime scene processing is such a detailed process.
This summer marks the 13th year for the Youth Police Academy program.

CSI Camp Cancelled

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