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Cupcakes in the Classroom

Updated: Thursday, June 26 2014, 06:01 PM CDT

There's a new battle underway over threats to children in the classroom.
No, not guns. Not toxic chemicals. This battle is about cupcakes.
The popular treat has been banned from classroom birthday parties in one school district in Washington.
Jeff Burnside has reaction.

"I just think it's, I just think it's a shame that you can't have cupcakes!"

Gourmet cupcake chef Kim Huntley says cupcakes don't have to be unhealthy at all. At Bite Me cupcakes, they make them without butter, no crisco, gluten free - good ingredients.

"Cupcakes ARE healthy. They CAN be healthy. I guarantee you it!"

The Edmonds School District Wellness Committee has banned cupcakes in elementary school classrooms for birthday celebrations and such. Part of a much larger wellness campaign for kids.
They've heard from pleased parents and annoyed parents including one who said it's stupid, "A student isn't going to get fat off a single cup cake."

"It's really an adult issue. The kids adjust rather quickly to the change."

Instead, the district is urging handmade birthday cards instead.
"They come home with those cards. And they stay with the kid a lot longer than a plastic toy that pops off the frosting of a cupcake."

"But perhaps an even bigger story are vending machines. Because, starting July First, all the really unhealthy stuff - sugary drinks and sweet candy - goes away. Not just in the Edmonds School District but nationwide. Even some of the classics."

Opinions are mixed.

"I would probably take out the sugary stuff, the sugary drinks, and replace it with an alternative."

"I know they're probably not going to be happy to hear that. But it's alright. It's all moderation."

The Edmonds School District Wellness Committee is allowing 3 food events per year in each classroom. As long as they're related to something the kids are studying.

But still, no cupcakes.

Cupcakes in the Classroom

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