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DACC Considers Tuition Increase

Updated: Thursday, February 20 2014, 10:46 AM CST
DANVILLE -- Students at Danville Area Community College could be seeing a hike in their tuition as fewer state dollars come in to the school and costs rise for employees due to the Affordable Care Act.

School officials report the proposed increase would be two dollars for every credit hour.

There would also be a three dollar increase to the Universal Fee which covers technology and student activities.

For a student with a full course load of fifteen credit hours that equals a seventy-five dollar increase per semester.

School representatives say they do not like to increase tuition but it is necessary.

Spokesperson Lara Conklin says, "The board felt that the tuition increase would be needed because we've had to offset projected decreases in state funding, also increased employee costs due to implementing the Affordable Care Act this year and also because we've had a decline in local property tax revenue and all of those go together to affect the funding coming in from other sources."

Despite the possible increase, representatives say DACC is still a good deal compared to other schools and ninety percent of students are on some kind of scholarship which will help cover any increase.

The DACC school board will meet to discuss this proposal at seven o'clock on Thursday night in the Vermilion Hall board room.

A final decision won't come until March.
DACC Considers Tuition Increase

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