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DeWitt Animal Control

Updated: Tuesday, May 13 2014, 10:44 AM CDT

DEWITT COUNTY -- Cramped conditions and an unsanitary situation. That's the word from those in DeWitt County when it comes to their animal shelter. However, this is reason to hope.

Newschannel at Nine's Lindsey Hess explains the options available to improve conditions.

"It's sad. I work with what I've got. It's kind of embarassing."

Dogs and cats crammed into this 1,500 sq. ft. DeWitt County Animal Shelter.

Tamra McFeeters, Animal Control Office Administrator, "Overpopulation is a major very big deal here. Right now, with Spring upon us, we're getting a lot of female cats with their babies."

The shelter on has 10 dog kennels, but is responsible for housing nearly 15 dogs at times. With so little room, sometimes the sick and healthy animals are mixed together.

"We definitely need to have an isolation area for these animals when they come in."

The dog kennels are old, and aren't sealed.

"Feces and urine travels from one cage to the next."

The DeWitt County Board is considering possible options for a new animal shelter.
-Build a new shelter at the existing County Highway Department.
-Purchase and renovate an existing building in Clinton.
-Renovate and expand the current shelter or build a brand new shelter.

The problem is, the board can't come to an agreement.

"I think when we're spending over a half million dollars, at best there needs to be prudent decision-making by the board members and fair representation to the taxpayers, the voters."

Instead, the board is presenting a survey to the public. Then the board will vote on that decision. A process those at the animal shelter hope happens quickly.

"I'm just hoping here in the future, something will be resolved and we can get a new one."

DeWitt County residents can participate in the survey by stopping by the county building starting Wednesday through May 20.

On May 20, the County Board will meet and hopes to make a decision.

DeWitt Animal Control

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