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District 186 Plans For School Schedule Changes

Updated: Monday, July 21 2014, 09:22 PM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- The first day of class at District 186 is August 18th and some changes this school year include dismissing an hour early every Wednesday.

The first early dismissal will take place August 20th, with little time for students, faculty and families to settle into a routine.

To help accommodate working parents, Superintendent Jennifer Gill says the SCOPE daycare program will be expanded.

Parents can opt in to have their child attend the program only on Wednesdays at a cost of $7 dollars a week.

There was some concern earlier this year that early dismissal would cause confusion for students, especially those who ride the bus, but Superintendent Jennifer Gill expects everything to go smoothly.

"We have been a district that we regularly had early out dismissals whether they were half day dismissals or hour out before vacations, our hour out for different types of professional development throughout the years, so this is not a new concept. It's just we are doing it every Wednesday," said Gill.

District officials also tell me they will  mail flyers to parents and update the district website as a reminder about early dismissal days.

The original reason behind early dismissal Wednesdays is to give teachers more collaboration time, which includes tutoring students who may need extra help.   

Early dismissal also allows the district 4 extra school days per academic year.District 186 Plans For School Schedule Changes

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