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DMT Officials Want "Rider Code of Conduct" to Protect Bus Drivers

Updated: Tuesday, June 10 2014, 03:33 PM CDT
DANVILLE -- Terry Meeker has been a bus driver for Danville Mass Transit for 10 years. In his time, he's had his share of disrespectful riders.

Meeker isn't the only driver with these stories and that's why mass transit officials want to crack down on bad behavior. They're pushing for city council members to approve a rider "code of conduct" that outlines rules, safety tips and guidelines for common courtesy.

"A dispute can arise from anything from you know, the bus running behind schedule or misunderstandings between drivers and riders and we just want to prevent those from escalating into, you know, big problems," DMT Director John Metzinger said.

If the measure goes through signs will be placed throughout DMT buses. But not everyone thinks they will make a difference.

"You can have rules but they still break them. So, I don't know. You could always put the rules up but the won't abide by them," rider Narciso Perez said.

Drivers like Terry Meeker hope these rules will help protect them when certain riders cross the line.
DMT Officials Want "Rider Code of Conduct" to Protect Bus Drivers

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