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Edingburg Hosts Christian County's First Active Shooter Drill

Updated: Wednesday, May 28 2014, 12:55 PM CDT
CHRISTIAN COUNTY -- It's a scenario that's become all too common in recent years. An active
shooter enters a school and fires rounds at students and staff. For the
first time, Christian County law enforcement, teachers, and students
trained on how to handle this very situation.

A day after
students left here for the summer, a handful came back to participate in
an active shooter drill. A lot of what students have heard about safety
in this situation is no longer best practice, and officials tell us
teaching students and staff what to, is just as important as training
law enforcement.

Cap gun shots signaled the start of the training
scenario. A disgruntled father approaches the school about a bullying
issue with his child. Since the secretary recognizes him as a parent,
she lets him in the locked doors. That's when the parent pulls a gun.

at that time he's going to pull out a revolver and he shoots the
secretary. He will leave then, and go to the gym where there's some
students. Some of the student's will become victims here in the
hallways," Sheriff Bruce Kettlekamp explained.

Hearing those
shots, 15 pre-scripted 911 calls were made. Dispatchers had to be
prepared for the influx of calls, and trained on exactly how to respond
before emotions of a school shooting take over.

"They took the
911 calls and then they started relaying the information to the
responders, obviously fire and ambulance and the law enforcement," 911
Administrator Mickie Ehrhardt said.

The local Edinburg police
officer arrives on scene within minutes. However, the one-man police
force isn't enough to take down the shooter. Christian County Sheriff's
Deputies show up next and finish the job.

In the process, students and teachers learned that in many situations, it's better to run away than stay and hide.

just seen from other shootings, if you lock down, you hide, a locked
door is not going to stop a shooter with a gun if he wants to get in
that door. And it's a lot harder to hit a moving target, a running
target, than somebody that's just hiding under a desk," Kettlekamp said.

Once the shooter is down and the school is secure, rescue crews can start helping any victims.

shooting victim Isaac Roethemeyer is graduating, but he decided to come
back and help anyway. He's hoping to pass along what he learns to his
younger siblings, who are still in the district.

"I let them know what I learn from this and what to do," Roethemeyer said.

The drill will be the first of many. Kettlekamp says he wants to hold a drill like this in every Christian County school.

After the drill, law enforcement said they had a few kinks to work out, but ultimately the drill went as planned.Edingburg Hosts Christian County's First Active Shooter Drill

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