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Elkhart Fire District Receives Grant

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 10:18 AM CDT

ELKHART -- A tanker truck or a tender truck is a vehicle used to transport water in the event of a fire emergency.

However, the local fire district in Elkhart has faced problems with their tanker truck. But just recently they received a grant which will help them invest in a new and improved vehicle.

It holds 3,400 gallons of water, but Elkhart Fire District's 32 year old vehicle is more than ready to retire.

"It's out of service a lot," said Olivia Griesheim, firefighter and EMT at the Elkhart Fire District. "And that's a problem because we use our tankers the most on mutual aid calls, that's what they call us for. And whenever it's out of service, we're really not of use and we usually have to end up taking our old engine."

The station applied for a grant through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

And in return the Elkhart station received over 130,000 dollars to invest in a new water transport vehicle.

The financial support will now relieve volunteers of re-fixing damages...

Including cracks and leaks, showing signs that it is unable to hold gallons of water.

And not to mention the safety risks that are involved.

"Well the biggest factor that played a role in the need for this grant is, the fact that this thing doesn't have any seat-belts in it or nothing... That really hurts the safety factor for our volunteers," said Rex Davis, Assistant Fire Chief at the station.

It will take the station about a year to receive the new tanker truck. In the meantime, volunteers will continue to serve their community as they anticipate the arrival of a new worry-free vehicle.

Elkhart Fire District Receives Grant

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