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Fab Lab 3D Printing for Kids

Updated: Saturday, August 9 2014, 07:36 PM CDT
URBANA -- Students in the Fab Lab at the University of Illinois are
learning to use 3D printers, machines loaded with plastic or other
material to bring 3D models from the computer, to life.

"We want
to do a lot of project based learning. So people come in with an idea,
they work with that idea to create the thing. And they have to try it
many times, they get to work together, they're allowed to use the
internet, all these really cool things they sometimes don't get to do at
school," Jeff Ginger, Operations Lead at the Fab Lab says.

Whether it's models, toys, robots, or games; anything they can imagine, they can build.
Amy here is working on a new kind of dice that she's adding her own twist.

of making a six-sided die like normal, I would try something different,
and I decided to put on these little half-sphere bumper type things,
the idea being that if you would drop the die onto the bumper, and it
would bounce on whatever surface you were playing on," Amy Paul, a
student of the program, shows us.

Jeff tells us these classes are meant to spark innovation letting students decide what they want to learn.

is kind of the playful learning that we want to encourage - so
essentially we take 3d printing and we turn it into more of an
experience. It's less about the 3d printer as an endpoint and more about
this process of learning and creating"Fab Lab 3D Printing for Kids

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