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Fallen Soldier Memorial

Updated: Friday, July 18 2014, 10:38 AM CDT

DANVILLE -- Remembering those we've lost. Plans are underway to construct a memorial to honor fallen service members who've made the ultimate sacrifice in our country's most recent conflicts.

Newschannel at 9's Heather Good shows us what a local business is doing to help make a war memorial a reality.

Thanks to a generous donation from Pape Memorial Funeral Home, plans for a Middle East conflict memorial in Danville are moving forward.

"They do the memorials really nice. I like the way they do them."

Pape Memorial Funeral Home in Danville has donated land on the corner of Hazel and Williams streets to be used for a Middle East conflict memorial, but it isn't the first time the mortuary has stepped up for fallen soldiers.

"The owner Bob Pape, before he passed away last year, back in the 90s he donated the original land for the first memorial. They later added two more."

The new memorial is a joint fundraising and planning effort from Danville Police and Fire organizations, the American Legion and VFW. Pape will keep ownership of the land and maintain it.

"We try to do all the upkeep, all the mowing, our bills so on and so forth; and we plan on doing the same thing to the new memorial."

Organizers have reached out to local artists for design ideas and the plan is to open the memorial by Veterans' day.

"With the war still being fought over in Afghanistan, the hope is that we really do get a little more foot traffic so that people really think of all the people who are over there fighting for us to this day."

"Like to see everybody out, especially when we get it done and have an open ceremony, it'd be awesome to have everybody come down."

And locals agree they'd like to spend more time thinking of those who have sacrificed so much.

"Go to 'em more often; instead of just drive-by and lookin'."
Proceeds from the finest verse bravest danville police versus firefighters softball series as well as the warrior 5k run will go towards building the memorial

Fallen Soldier Memorial

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