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Fire Districts Gather for Annual Conference

Updated: Monday, June 23 2014, 11:32 AM CDT

The Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts is hosting its 71st annual conference right here at the Prairie Capital Convention Center...

Where local fire departments from various parts of the state can come to look at new and innovative trends...

It's an event that caters to fire districts throughout Illinois.

Vendors gathered to showcase and demonstrate the latest rescue gear... Including 40 new kinds of fire trucks and ambulances.

The majority of visitors come from district departments... Meaning their funding comes from their community.

"They get to vote on whether they want a fire district or not and then at the same time as they vote for organization of the district," said Michael Dillon, IAFPD President. "Then they automatically agree that their taxes will be raised to support the fire protection for that particular district."

Some of the new tools shown off here -- a thermal imaging camera with video recording capability...

As well as a rescue auger that is designed to save lives of those trapped in grain.

The conference also gives firefighters an opportunity to make connections and find the products that are most needed for their departments.

"The biggest thing is the new equipment and the new safety equipment that's out there for the guys," said Dale Hoerr, an Illinois deputy chief. "Because that's our number one concern is our firefighters that are putting themselves in harms way. We want to make sure we're up to date... As well as we can be."

With the support of their communities and the annual conference, Illinois fire departments are making sure that they are up to date on their gear... And more than ready for their next response.

The conference will be here until June 22nd sharing all the up and coming trends...

That will benefit fire departments... While saving lives...

Fire Districts Gather for Annual Conference

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