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Gifford Replaces Signs Honoring Veterans

Updated: Friday, May 16 2014, 10:20 AM CDT
GIFFORD -- The town of Gifford honors its veterans.
There's a memorial park at the edge of town and there used to be five signs paying homage to local heroes.

But after the November tornado hit the village -- only three signs were left standing.

noticed. We notice all the changes going on in Gifford. But that was
noticed because it was people we actually knew; boys that grew up here,"
Gifford resident Teresa Emkes said.

The signs are hooked to light posts on main street -- a busy road in the town --
and each one has the name and branch of service the veteran is in -- along with the words "Gifford Supports Our Troops."

know, when you look at what these people who are serving our country
and how brave they are -- you know it's important that we still
recognize them because they're in harms way everyday," Gifford Trustee
Brian Baxter said.

In addition to replacing the five signs,
officials want to add a new one to honor a young marine who recently
entered the service.

"It's very exciting," Pam Reynolds said.

sign for Reynold's nephew -- Christopher Jones -- will be the sixth
sign to go up. Jones joined the marines less than a year ago and didn't
know about the tornado until months later, after basic training.  He's
since visited the town -- and his aunt says he will be proud to know
they support him.

"The veterans and the signs, they're just part
of the community and you know, everybody that we appreciate and it's a
nice thing for them to know that they're appreciated when they come
home," Reynolds said.Gifford Replaces Signs Honoring Veterans

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